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Princeton University Campus

Racist Professors


Last semester I was excited to be taking a women’s history class, I couldn’t wait for it to start…. Until a few weeks into the semester I realized that it was, in fact, a very biased women’s history course. And to top it all off, the professor, who was a woc, was racist, mainly anti-black. She…

Applying to College


Many of our followers will be applying for college in this upcoming year and have questions on how to deal with this as a trans person. We sat down with Zak’s sister, who works in admissions at a mid-size American public university, to get some answers to some frequently asked questions. Here are…

I will draw ANYTHING you want drawn for $5


I MEAN IT GUYS!! Give me a hand, give me some love, give me some notes so I can spread the word! If I don’t come up with the money, I won’t get a college education, and if I don’t get a college education I’ll never get off tumblr and I’ll just end up bothering you guys for the rest of my life. So please! Pretty pretty please, it would really mean so much to me.

Anonymous said: Any advice for an incoming college freshman????


If you go to my tagged/college page I wrote a more detailed response a while back but I guess here’s some stuff

-You don’t need to ask to go to the bathroom

-Call your professors “professor” and don’t refer to them as “teachers” (like no one ever calls them teachers)

-Study groups are a great way to make friends and meet new people

-Mark your calendar with all the important dates on your syllabus for each class

-Buy or rent books online and NEVER at the university bookstore cause they’re ridiculously overpriced. OR but them from students cause they’ll usually have flyers around the classes you’re taking and you’ll get a better deal probably

-Make a graduation/major checklist

-It’s okay to eat alone and be alone in the cafeteria or walk around and just be by yourself. I promise you that no one cares enough to think that you’re a loner

-Always bring a buddy with you if you go to some frat party

-Smoking and drinking isn’t considered cool anymore, it’s just common and normal

-Sleeping in the library and random places on campus is also normal

-Coffee is your BFF





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